Fun for the Whole Family!

“Splash” is one of the best Green Bay Water Park attractions of any Green Bay Hotel in the area and is generating lots of buzz among our guests. In early 2009, the under utilized pool area was transformed into a flashy water attraction, complete with squirting and pouring water, three pools and plenty of comfortable seating.

Splash features three water areas – one designed for children, one pool catered toward adults and a calming whirlpool. The two main pools wrap into one another; the wading pool is meant for young children to move around and gradually spills into the larger pool. The deeper of the two, the adult pool area, is still less than four feet deep and welcomes a competitive game of basketball with the two permanent hoops.


Gazing through the glass doors, guests will be drawn in by the giant structure resting in the kiddy pool. The climbing play area features two spray guns and a slippery blue slide. Rain sprinkles down from an oversize mushroom and dumps from a large bucket.

Once inside the water attraction, a six foot high yellow wraparound slide will catch your eye. This sensational slide brings riders into a water dump at the end of the slide.

The Green Bay Water Park Experience

Parents – not up for splashing around? Relax on the tall or traditional patio chairs scattered throughout the attraction; rest assured you will be able to keep an eye on the children without ever leaving your seat! Enjoy yourself at our Splash bar providing the finest in Island Oasis frozen cocktails, smoothies, soft drinks, beer or your favorite cocktail. You may also want to enjoy one of our fresh made pizzas or cheese bread which is a favorite for the entire family.

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